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Do you have panic disorder?

Panic disorder is a common anxiety disorder, which affects approximately 4% of the population. Women suffer from it six times more often than men.
The exact cause of panic disorder is still not clear, however, it is known that in panic disorder changes are observed in the central nervous system associated with the exchange of substances such as serotonin and norepinephrine. Related articles and advices - Skin Care For Men - Looking Good Is Not for Women Only.Apparently, a significant role in causing the disease belongs to hereditary predisposition. Close relatives of those, who have panic disorder often have similar symptoms or some other mental disorders. Panic disorder often coincides with significant mental suffering, stress, or changes in the way of life: divorce, relocation, graduation, marriage, birth of first child, etc.
Often you can trace the connection between panic disorder and negative emotions experienced in childhood. Approximately half of children with school phobia (i.e. fear of school) with age have symptoms of panic disorder.

Panic disorder with timely and adequate medical intervention is completely curable, but when untreated the disease can lead to serious consequences in the form of social exclusion, disability and, ultimately, significant reduction in quality of life. Among drugs which help in treatment there is one, called Xanax. You can buy xanax no prescription here.

When people are afraid of panic attacks, they begin to avoid situations and places where these attacks can occur, for example, use public transport or an elevator, shopping, etc.
This often leads to social exclusion, disability and a significant drop in quality of life. The presence of sudden uncontrollable attacks of fear and thoughts of a serious illness, which cannot be copped, can naturally lead to depression. I'm online at social network: buy xanax no prescription.A lot of patients, along with panic disorder, also have depression.
People often try to soften depression, caused by panic disorder with alcohol or sedative drugs, which in excessive use can lead to abuse and alcohol or drug dependence.

The earlier you start your treatment, the faster you get rid of this problem.
Proper treatment cures up to 80% of patients with panic disorder. The goal of treatment is to eliminate panic attacks and restore normal life. Best results are obtained by combined treatment of panic disorder in which the medication is combined with psychotherapy. Treatment of panic disorder can last from several months to several years. You need to consult your doctor, as this is a serious problem, and self-treatment can make this problem even bigger. You can buy cheap xanax here. To know more about us visit our website here and Wikipedia: This article is about the human condition


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